WAVbi8000PA - No Key Override Aust 60/90mm Prox

WAVbi8000PA - No Key Override Aust 60/90mm Prox

WAVbi8000PA - No Key Override Aust 60/90mm Prox

The WAVbi Contactless Access Control system combines both security and convenience in a single door handle. The smart yet simple design removes any need for expensive hard wiring of electric locks and utilises standard mortice hardware to allow installation to be completed on existing locks which makes it a cost effective solution.


The WAVbi handles use RFID and NFC technology to wirelessly transfer encrypted data from your individually programmed smart card to your handle set at a wave of the card.

The system is available in different operating modes allowing simple setup options and fast administration of your access requirements. The system is fully auditable and allows access users to be added and deleted by the administrator without the need for expensive ongoing maintenance costs. It features simple on-board programming procedures.


  • Easy to install to new doors or retrofit to existing hardware.
  • Transfer data using RFID and NFC technology.
  • Available with user friendly software for complete control of your access requirements.
  • Encrypted data credentials to ensure your system is secure 24/7.
  • Designed for domestic and commercial applications.
  • Access options includes Smart Card, Smart Key, Smart Tag.
  • Available with audit trail function.

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