NZ Series

NZ Series Key System

New Zealand’s very own high security restricted profile.

NZ Series Key System

The newest MLAA restricted security key system is the NZ Series.

The NZ Series will provide your customers with the latest security features in mechanical restricted keying.

With Anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill optional features, this flexible multi-broach system can be implemented in any domestic or commercial setting.

There is an extensive range of barrels available to suit almost every application making retro-fitting your current security systems with the new NZ series easy. Unlike many other restricted profiles, there is both a master profile key blank and a master profile barrel.

Further information is available from the NZ Series website, download our NZ Series Brochure or contact Steve Karmawan at Levco on 04 473-3025.

NZ Series Brochure (PDF 320KB)