KL1000 G3 - KitLock Locker Lock

KL1000 G3 - KitLock Locker Lock
KL1000 G3 - KitLock Locker Lock

KL1000 G3 - KitLock Locker Lock

The KL1000 G3 is a compact digital lock offering key override, front battery change, 24hr countdown timer* and up to 20 User Codes.

Applying advanced technology to our core products.
Introducing the KL1000 G3; designed through evolution of our best-selling KitLock, the KL1000, and boasting all popular features of the KL1000 Classic+ including 20 User Codes and 24hr countdown timer.

KitLock by Codelocks is a convenient alternative to traditional locks and keys suitable for a wide range of cabinet and locker applications. The KL1000 G3’s key override and front battery change capabilities provide ease of use and peace of mind. The updated chrome effect back panel and handle finishes reflect their surroundings giving the lock a slimmer, more subtle aesthetic.

Sharing the same fittings & fixings as the KL1000 KitLock this lock is easily retrofitted, ideal for upgrading existing installations with increased flexibility and convenience for both guests and staff.


Key Override
Allows key holders to access the locker in the event of a forgotten code or an emergency. Override key available separately.

Front Battery Change
The KL1000 G3 battery compartment can be accessed via the front of the lock. Entering a valid code and turning the handle reveals a security screw which, once removed, allows the cover to slide up and batteries to be replaced.

24hr Auto-Unlock Countdown Timer
When operating in Public Function, the KL1000 G3 can be programmed to auto-unlock between 1 and 24 hours after locking1, saving valuable locker management time.

Up to 20 User Codes
The KL1000 G3 offers up to 20 unique 4 digit User Codes when operating in Private Function, thus allowing a single cabinet to be accessed by multiple users.

Key Features

  • Easy install
  • Easy retrofit for existing cam locks
  • Front battery change
  • Key Override
  • Battery Override
  • Private and Public Functions
  • Up to 20 User Codes
  • Auto-unlock after a set time
  • Slam latch accessory available
  • Black Chrome / Silver Chrome finishes


KL1000 GS pdf