Dominator HS5D

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Dominator HS5D

Dominator HS-5D Safe with Digital Lock

The Dominator Safes® HS Series safes are designed to provide protection against both burglary and fire, while maintaining the efficient sizing of a typical domestic safe. Including 30 minute fire protection as well as several attack resisting qualities, the HS series is the ideal solution to protecting valuables in the home.


  • External Dimensions: 845 mm(h) x 508 mm(w) x 508 mm (d)
  • Internal Dimensions: 803 mm(h) x 465 mm(w) x 402 mm (d)
  • Weight: 160 kilograms
  • Capacity: 150 litres
  • Fire Rating: 30 minute recommended
  • Cash Rating: $20,000 recommended in unsupported application

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Using the same footprint as the HS-3 size, the large HS-5 provides 150L storage capacity ensuring high level security for large volume secure storage.

By utilising additional height, the HS-5 allows more user friendly accessibility for larger volume storage in domestic or commercial applications.

The extra depth of the HS-5 allows storage of larger laptop computers, till drawers, jewellery boxes or those bulkier items that don’t fit in smaller safes.


  • 12mm thick solid steel door
  • 6mm thick steel body with 12mm fire panel
  • 30 minute fire protection
  • Internal hardened steel anti drill plates
  • Case mounted relocking device
  • Hinge side anti pry protection
  • 4 internal recessed bolt down provisions
  • Universal lock footprint for easy lock conversion
  • Exterior lift off hinges
  • LaGard Basic electronic lock


HS Series Brochure

Depth dimensions DO NOT include lock, handle and hinges. Please confirm additional dimension with retailer prior to purchase.