EA280 - ABLOY Power Transfer

EA280 - ABLOY Power Transfer

EA280 - ABLOY Power Transfer


  • Steel with Bright Chrome finish.
  • Max diameter of cable 7.5mm.
  • Max opening angle of door < 120°.
  • Distance between pin hinge & door frame < 20mm.



  • The ABLOY® lead cover is designed to ensure the unbroken transfer of cable between the door and the frame.
  • The maximum diameter of the cable is 7,5 mm and it is recommended to use multicore cable because of its increased bending strength.
  • When the opening angle of the door is more than 120° or the distance between the hinge and the door frame is more than 20 mm, the long lead cover EA281 should be used.

Brand: Abloy
Colour: Silver

Download ABLOY Leadcovers EA280, EA281 (Size: 322.3 KB)