KL1000 RFID Kitlock Smartlock Card Access


KL1000 RFID Kitlock Smartlock Card Access

The KL1000 RFID is a simple, smart card KitLock providing codeless access to lockers,
cabinets, cupboards and enclosures.

The KL1000 RFID KitLock offers functions for single users (Private Function) and short-term use by multiple users (Public Function). The KL1000 RFID is easy to fit to replace an existing cam lock, or fit to a new locker or cabinet that does not have an existing locking device. The lock will perform up to 15,000 openings on just two AAA batteries.

Private Function
This is intended for use where there is a single user. Up to 50 individual MIFARE™ cards can be registered on the lock and only those registered cards can continue to unlock that lock. The Master User Card is used to open a lock, register a new User Card and remove a User Card. The Technician Card is not available in this function.
Dedicated and existing MIFARE™ cards can be used, no need to purchase new smart cards.

Public Function
Suitable for short-term use by different users. Touch a MIFARE™ smart card to lock the lock and then use the same card to unlock the lock, leaving the lock in that unlocked state for any other compatible card to be used. Pre-registration of the card is not required and any new or existing MIFARE™ card, fob or wristband can be used. Suitable for use in short-term multi-occupancy applications such as leisure centres, spas and hotels.

Go Keyless. Go KitLock.


Features Include:

• MIFARE™ compatible
• Master User Card
• Technician Card
• Private Function
• Public Function
• Public Pairing Feature*
• Easy to fit and program
• Up to 15,000 operations from 2 x AAA batteries
• Battery Override
• Any orientation
• IP55 rated when fitted with gasket
• All parts / fixings / templates included

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