Viro Van Lock

Viro Van Lock
Viro Van Lock
Viro Van Lock
Viro Van Lock

Viro Van Lock

NOTE: At Levco these Viro Van Locks can be adapted to take other types of high security keys systems (Abloy, BiLock and more). - Please inquire with us about this service.


  • Body: One-piece, electropolished stainless steel, oval shape without edges.
  • Plug: 7 pin brass plug, with case-harded, tempered, copper, nickel and chrome plated steel burglar-resistant anti-drill plate.
  • Keys: Nickel plated brass with easy to handle grip (even when wearing gloves) with Viro Top Security profile (3 keys supplied).
  • Weight: 1980 gs. 
  • Dimensions: 88(H) x 125(W) x 44.7(D) mm.



  • Ideal for securing the contents of: Lorries, Trucks, Vans, Vehicles fitted with mobile workshops, commercial vehicles with special set-up and equipment, vehicles transporting high value goods.
  • Couriers can load and unload goods faster and more safely.
  • Installers and tradespersons can protect their work tools.
  • Unlike other padlocks used on vans the Van Lock is secured to the door so you don't have to remove it and put it back all the time.
  • Does not rattle against the body work when the van is moving.
  • Does not rust even when exposed to severe weather conditions.
  • Closes automatically with a simple push without using the key.


  • Spring-loaded lock-bolt with lever mechanism in case-hardened, tempered and galvanized steel.
  • Locking occurs automatically (without using the key) when one door is pushed against the other or the sliding side door is closed.
  • Key can only be removed when "Van Lock" is closed.
  • Can be kept "permanently open" with the key inserted and fully rotated.
  • Emergency opening from the inside (practically impossible to grip from the outside with burglary tools) if anyone is accidentally locked inside.

For more information on this product please view the following PDF

Viro Van Lock