Chubb Commerce Safe

Chubb Commerce Safe
Chubb Commerce Safe
Chubb Commerce Safe

Chubb Commerce Safe

Resists - explosives, drilling, force, fire.

Body: The overall thickness of the body is 82 mm. Solid fire resisting material is enclosed between the outer and inner steel body casing.

Door: The door is 95 mm thick with hardened plate protecting all vital parts of the locking mechanism and boltwork, The door is designed to resist forcing tools, and incorporates a fire resisting chamber.

Boltwork: The door is secured by three heavy 25 mm diameter steel bolts on the front edge and a fixed bar which fits behind a full length rebate on the hinge side.

Locking: Key locking.

Fittings: Shelves.

External Dimensions: 1086 mm (H) x 680 mm (W) x 680 mm (D).

Internal Dimensions: 914 mm (H) x 508 mm (W) x 483 mm (D).

Approx. Cubic Capacity: 227 L's

Weight: Approx net weight is 787.3 kg's.

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