EZYOA1 - "Oval" Series Switch - On/Off (Less Cylinder)

EZYOA1 - "Oval" Series Switch - On/Off (Less Cylinder)

Oval Series Key Switch - Less Cylinder.

Lazy Cam (1 N/O, 1 N/C changeover).


  • Maximum current ratings: AC1 10 amp 440v, DC1 10 amp 24v.
  • Maximum 2 x 1.5mm wires per terminal.


The Oval series of key operated switches has been designed for durability security, easy selection and easy installation. Four common switches are available off the shelf.


  • Incorporates standard Oval lock cylinders.
  • Cylinder easily removed and re-assembled without risk of the switch falling apart.
  • May be master keyed into all common lock brands and high security lock systems. 
  • Electrical isolated cylinder for added safety.
  • Supplied with 115 x70 Clipsal 2000 Series mounting plate.
  • Supplied less cylinder.
  • Key removable in 'on' and 'off' positions.

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